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Conversational AI App Builder

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API Builder


Making life easy for tech enthusiast. Generate backend codes in minutes without a team of developers! Automata has dozens of templates to help you achieve API functionality by create backend code to power your app. The variety of categories are based on common app functionality, making it easy to find the template that is perfect for your ideal app vision.

Social template

Design to Code


Expanding horizons for design professionals. Panorama is the first intelligent design-to-app converter in the market. Converts your designs into fully functional responsive mobile or web apps. Unlike other existing tools & plugins, Panorama generates human-grade code that cannot be distinguished from the code written by humans.

Other No Code Builders

  • Takes three to five months to build your app using low-code platforms.

  • It requires you to learn technical product building, like how to design each screen, define workflows, and specify entity relationships.

  • Takes additional time to learn a No Code platform with limited capabilities for customization.

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  • Conversational app building like speaking with a developer or product designer, our AI agent will understand your descriptions and make changes in seconds.

  • No technical skills needed or time and effort to learn a platform.

  • Save time and effort by avoiding drag and drop or styling an app from scratch.